The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine OUTREACH

The Veterinary Outreach Program sends Veterinarians, Registered Veterinary Technicians, and fourth-year Veterinary students to FFBF to provide wellness care to our client's pets.  In return, the Veterinary student's experience "instills a sense of social responsibility to animals and people in need". The interaction "with a diverse population prepares the students for veterinary careers where compassion and interpersonal skills are as essential as medical knowledge.  The students discover the powerful bond between pets and their people".

Mount Carmel Medical Outreach (Street Medicine program)

"With so many barriers to healthcare, most of those "living on the land" do not seek medical attention until a situation escalates and requires emergency care and/or hospitalization.  By reaching patients where they are, the Street Medicine team (comprised of a Registered Nurse, Emergency Medical Technician, physician or Nurse Practitioner, and a homeless patient advocate) is able to treat symptoms before they become more serious and provide that care at a much lower cost to the community."  While in those "camps", the patient advocate may notice that there are pets in that camp.  They will notify FFBF of those pets and escort the FFBF Veterinary team to the camp to provide basic wellness care to the pet.



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