All Pets Deserve Food and Love

We provide both so homeless and low-income people don’t sacrifice their meals to feed their pets.


Register online to assist with weekly veterinary clinics, bi-monthly food distribution, grant writing, fundraising events, transport, and more. We always need helping hands.


Give today, so we can continue providing preventative and life-saving medical care to pets of low-income and homeless people (often senior citizens and veterans).

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Your donations go directly to the faithful pets of Franklin County’s forgotten folks—homeless, low-income, veterans, and senior citizens. We can’t continue serving them without your contributions.

Helping homeless and low-income people feed and care for their pets.

We’re Faithful Forgotten Best Friends,

and that’s what we do.

Every week (even during heatwaves and snowstorms) our dedicated all-volunteer group welcomes puppies and kittens for vaccinations, microchipping, and neutering, so the people who love them don’t lose the one friend they have left—their pet.

Or, we educate new pet parents who, despite barely being able to pay their bills, convince abusive and neglectful neighbors to let them care for their pets. In some Columbus neighborhoods, compassionate neighbors are the only hope unwanted animals have.

And, sometimes, we cry as we hold the hands of people who can’t bear to lose their only friend to old age or debilitating illness—folks we’ve grown to admire for their sacrifice and dedication to their beloved pets, no matter how hard their own life has been.

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