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Success Stories

These are just a few of the success stories FFBF has contributed to. Do you have a story of your own? Please contact us so we can share it with others!

From Jacquelyn White, a Certified Nurse Practitioner at Mt. Carmel Outreach

April 13, 2012

I have had the pleasure of working closely with the organization – Faithful Forgotten Best Friends. On a regular basis, they provide food, collars and leashes to the population of homeless people I serve, but they go beyond that, and have come to the rescue of pet owners living in homeless camps.

I will explain further about how they helped a couple that had been homeless for over 2 years to be able to move into an apartment. The couple had first lived in a tent, and then the man built a small shanty. He was knowledgeable in carpentry and would work day jobs when he could find them. They were growing weary of the homeless lifestyle. They acquired a puppy a few months ago and loved it dearly. When my team from the Mount Carmel Street Medicine project would visit, they would always show off the tricks they were teaching her. An opportunity for an apartment became available to them, but to take their dog, she had to be spayed. I had just met one of the team members of  Faithful Forgotten Best Friends a week earlier one of our clinic sites. I called the number provided and explained the situation. Within one week, the dog had been spayed, vaccinated and dental work performed free of charge to the couple. They were able to move into the apartment and take their dog. They are settling into their new home and looking for regular work. 

The organization has also taken in a cat and kittens from a homeless camp when the man living there went into the hospital and later into rehab. If not for knowing that someone would truly take care of his cats, I really doubt he would have entered treatment.

Homeless people love their pets. At times, it is the only companionship they have. I have seen them buy food for their animals before they get food for themselves.

It is great knowing there is help out there for those that can not afford the cost of taking care of their animals and there is emergency help when there is no one left in the camp to take care of the animals that have to be left behind.

I truly value the resources and dedication provided by Faithful Forgotten Best Friend.

Jacquelyn White
Certified Nurse Practitioner
Mount Carmel Outreach
6150 E. Broad St.
Columbus Ohio 43213

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