At Faithful Forgotten Best Friends we have the pleasure of meeting and getting to know some amazing people. Some of them become part of our family. We get to see them at their best times and sometimes at their worst. 
This week has been a devastating week for our Faithful Forgotten family. We had two clients that had their lives taken from them and much too soon. On Monday Katrina Huber and on Tuesday a long time client Allan Beatty. Each of them were incredible, kind human beings and they loved their animals so much. We are so sadden by the loss of these two and are looking for words to even express the feelings we are having. 
On Tuesday, when we heard of Katrina's passing, we were fortunate enough to have followed up and found out her animals went with her family. This morning upon finding out about Allan, we were able to discover his dogs are at FCDS. He loved his animals so much and we are going to do everything we can to find them a home. 
We are currently working with the shelter and they have been very kind. We are putting a plea out there for a foster or rescue for these two beautiful dogs. Without giving too many details these two dogs have had a really rough past couple of days before being found. Let's honor Allan and get these two into a loving home they so desperately need. 
Allen was so proud that his dog Marley was the photo cover for our thank you cards. I don't think one of us will ever be able to write a thank you note at FFBF without shedding a tear. The last time he came to visit us he asked for a big stack to share with his friends. He was truly a kind soul with a vibrant personality. 
It is trying times like these that remind us all that life can be cut far too short and sometimes the world we live in can be a truly ugly place. We ask that everyone finds something to be grateful today. We are grateful we have had the honor and pleasure to get to know these folks and to have them as part of our Faithful Forgotten Family. Rest In Peace our dear friends. You will never be forgotten and you will always be missed.


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