The Stray and Missy

Today (Nov. 1st) a very sweet homeless Lady told us that she found a stray dog and she would very much like to keep it.  She asked if we could "give it shots" since she has a young son and wanted to keep him safe. Since we had some no shows today, I asked her if she could go get it and bring it on over. This is the dog. Luckily for us, and the dog, one of our OSU VET Students is also a dog groomer. Thank God for his perfect timing. It took 30 minutes to determine that the dog is a male. She "sheared and sheared" as much as she could do with the dog alert. Dr. Laurie swaddled and held him like a baby. His feet were so matted that they had grown to his legs. Dr. Laurie took him personally to the OSU College of Veterinary Medicine so he could be sedated to finish the job and treat him accordingly. We can only imagine the pain this dog was in, and we could sense his relief in having some of his mobility back. Please keep this pup in your prayers and those who worked so hard on him today.


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