Tommy Cobb "the Crusty Puppy"

Okay so... where did we leave off? Oh, right. Turns out I didn't have mange. Dr. Kim and my person, Kate, were really worried. As they examined me, they found that I had completely sloughed my paw pads and was walking around on raw toes! My tail was ulcerated and had lost all of its hair! All four of my feet were swollen and there was so much crust between my toes that it caused my toes to spread apart! When they opened my mouth they found ulcers everywhere! I was in such bad shape when I first met them that I barely had enough energy to walk to the door to go outside. I suppose it didn't really matter if I went outside- I couldn't hold my poo anyway. Let's just say I had it coming out both ends for months! I had so much diarrhea they tested me for parvo! 
I remember feeling really thirsty all the time- I guess it was from being so dehydrated for so long! They started me on IV fluids and like 10 different medicines to make me feel better. That was the first time in a long time that my skin didn't hurt! Slowly but surely the vomiting stopped. After about a week on IV fluids and supportive care they saw a vast improvement in my skin! Wierd. They didn't give me anything to treat my skin. So what caused it? We thought it could be a Cutaneous Drug Reaction to an antibiotic I received before I met them. It made sense that since Dr. Kim and Kate stopped that medicine, I started to get better. This would have been the best case scenario. It would mean I should make a full recovery. If it wasn't a drug reaction, then it was probably a really weird immune mediated disease that caused my own body to attack my skin. I had my fingers crossed that it was the first! 
I continued to get better and better. The only symptom I had left was my persistent diarrhea! Dr. Kim and Kate were optimistic that I would be able to go home soon! I went from 6.5 lbs to 8.5 lbs in just a couple weeks! I was beginning to get a little energy back, but I still couldn't play. 
Then, just as I was about to go home, Kate found them. I was hiding new lesions in my mouth. Within a couple days more skin lesions appeared. Crap. It's not a drug reaction... Don't forget to share!!


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