Tommy Cobb "the Crusty Puppy"

Hey everyone! This picture is of me and my person about one week into treatment! Look how much better I look!!  Dr. Kim and Kate knew they were going to have to do some expensive tests to figure out what was going on with my skin. They had already spent about 1500 dollars in hospitalization, meds, special good, etc. At this point they didn't know what I had, but it was likely pretty bad and I would be dealing with it for a long time. Which meant a lot of money. More money than the Faithful Forgotten Best Friends clinic had the means to support. So, Kate and my mom had a long talk about their expectations for my long term prognosis. My mom ultimately decided that It was best for me to be adopted by Kate. It was a hard decision for my mom to make but it allowed her to focus on my 8 siblings and my dog mom! (She ended up getting spayed a few weeks later! And let's face it- Kate is a total nerd that loves derm! I started living with Kate from this point forward.
The test I needed is called a skin biopsy. Since they had to take a sample of lesions in my mouth, I needed to go under general anesthesia. 
The next task was to get me well enough to undergo anesthesia without dying! Yikes! A couple of weeks went by and I kept getting more and more lesions, but I felt better. My appetite was great and I had more energy. 
My person talked to one of the pathologists at her school who also loves dermatology to see if he had any ideas what was going on with my skin. He suggested that they biopsy my skin and volunteered to look at the samples for free! What a generous human! If it wasn't for him I would still be in bad shape!! Eventually I was well enough to go under anesthesia and get the biopsies done. They took a chunck of skin from my upper lip, armpit, and thigh. When I woke up I was surprised to find they took something else... my nuggies.
The results of my biopsies came back while Kate was in Tennessee doing a derm rotation at UT.... Let's just say- it wasn't what they expected...


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