A typical day of distributing cat and dog food got very intense.  A man came to us right at the end of the day desperate for help.  "William" needed our help and he needed it now.  He had been taking care of a cat at this camp and now he was very, very ill.  William was so ill, he needed to go to the hospital that day.  However, he was refusing to go for treatment until he found someone who would help with his cat - that was in labor.  Kenny Andrews and a doctor from Mount Carmel brought William and his cat to FFBF.  You see, he had saved the cat, or as he said to us - "She saved me".  He said he knew she would not make it without care and her soon-to-be kittens would not stand a chance.  He cradled his beautiful calico cat with tears running down his cheek before he left.  We contacted a local no-kill cat shelter and they took his cat.  Within a couple of days, "Jillian" had her beautiful, healthy kittens.  William had given her the best care he could.  William had been a professional who worked with the homeless in another state before his problems began.  He has been getting treatment for those issues and hopes to return to work one day.  He told us that he had no money to give us, but promised he would be back to volunteer with us.  We look forward to that day.


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