Our FFBF followers will remember "Teddy" the brown dog with the blue hood:) He has been coming to FFBF for about 4 years now. When Teddy first came to FFBF his jaw/mandible was completely broken due to an accident/injury and FFBF made his surgery possible:) He was barking up a storm yesterday to let us all know that he was back and his jaw is working like a champ! We gave him some treats to see how it's working and he has NO problems what so ever!


At Faithful Forgotten Best Friends we have the pleasure of meeting and getting to know some amazing people. Some of them become part of our family.

August 14, 2017
Faithful companion animals are often forgotten when it comes to providing homeless services. Thanks to Andrew Bazemore of Bazemore Insurance and his weekly volunteering with Faithful Forgotten Best Friends, the homeless in Columbus, Ohio can count on help for their pets too. Share their story and help Bazemore earn $10,000 for the charity to bring more comfort and care to these animals.



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