Pet Stories


At Faithful Forgotten Best Friends we have the pleasure of meeting and getting to know some amazing people. Some of them become part of our family.

Tommy Cobb "the Crusty Puppy"

Hey everyone! This picture is of me and my person about one week into treatment! Look how much better I look!!  Dr. Kim and Kate knew they were going to have to do some expensive tests to figure out what was going on with my skin. They had already spent about 1500 dollars in hospitalization, meds, special good, etc.

Tommy Cobb "the Crusty Puppy"

Okay so... where did we leave off? Oh, right. Turns out I didn't have mange. Dr. Kim and my person, Kate, were really worried. As they examined me, they found that I had completely sloughed my paw pads and was walking around on raw toes! My tail was ulcerated and had lost all of its hair! All four of my feet were swollen and there was so much crust between my toes that it caused my toes to spread apart! When they opened my mouth they found ulcers everywhere!



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